Kuo Lian LED


Company/GST Reg. No. 201326836H

3 Soon Lee Street #01-13 Pioneer Junction, Singapore 627606 Tel- +6565702898


We are open daily from 0830 to 5pm.

Due to tighten measures imposed on COVID19, please abide to  social distancing measures with mask-on at all time while visiting us on site


Please order online 

Our delivery team will send the items to you

- Free delivery for orders above $30.00* SGD

* Only valid for online orders


Please also visit www.kuolianled.com  on your tablet or handphone to check-out what we have.

About Us


Kuo Lian is specialised in the distribution of LED lightings and fixtures.  We supply a wide range of LED products among which includes the Panel Light, Flood Light, Ceiling Light, Spot Light, Tubes and Fixtures. 

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We take pride in our products and ensure only the reliable and safe products goes to our customers.
You can count on us to ensure the quality of our products.
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