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Widely used in Commercial Building and Domestic User.

However, the LED deigned for Commercial* and domestic are of different consideration.

*Commercial grade are built with higher tolerance to withstand the longer hours usage as well as other environmental concerns.   

Kuo Lian market our own design of LED Panel Light using our specified LED Chips with low decay rate. We also have high expectation on the Light Guided Plate as well as the heat sink material used. Our LED Panel lights are also widely used in the Commercial and Condo projects by the Main/Sub-contractors in Singapore. 


Kuo Lian had market this Light in Singapore since 2016, and till date it remains as the most popular and value LED Hi-Bay Light on our sales record due to its reliable characteristic.  

Widely used in industry sector ie warehouse and high ceiling working environment

This series of UFO Hi-Bay Light (HBL) specs in different wattage - 100W, 150W and 200W, with 120lm or 160lm per watt are available to meet your requirements. We have also build-in a surge protector to enhance the safety of the working environment.

FL SZ5700

Widely used in industry sector ie wall light be it indoor or outdoor working environment

The LED Flood Light had efficiently replaced the Metal Halide Flood Light and had helped numerous estate operators to save thousands on electricity bills, thanks to the high ROI.  

Kuo Lian had market this model of Flood Light in Singapore since 2014 and till date, it remains as the most reliable LED Flood Light on sales record with super low default rate.

We do have many other models of LED Flood Lights available to meet different working specs requirement.

T8 LED Tube.png
T5 LED Tube.png

Friendly to meet both commercial and/or Domestic requirements. Till date, still the most commonly used in office's mirror reflector as will as carpark lighting in-view of its easy maintenance nature - For ceiling 2.8 to 3.5 meter height.

The T8 LED comes in 2 length - 2 and 4ft, while T5 LED comes in 1ft, 2ft,3ft and 4ft in our inventories. 

Kuo Lian had imported various model of T8 and T5 LED Tube. This tubes are manufactured based on our specification, and every batch are tested in the factory with testing report- This is to ensure the items can be operated safely in our environment.

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